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Here you can access a fully featured demonstration of SCICHART which runs in a browser (requires Silverlight 5). Alternatively, download a fully-featured, time-limited trial of SCICHART WPF and Silverlight, including documentation, examples, tutorials and source code.

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Download a fully-functional trial of SCICHART WPF and SILVERLIGHT. Includes documentation, examples, tutorials, with examples source code.


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View SciChart v2.x Examples Suite (requires Silverlight 5) which shows 68 feature examples with source code snippets to help you create your first application.

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The Spectrum Analyzer demo shows SCICHART used in a real-time scenario, updating the screen every 20ms with the FFT of a noisy sinusoidal input. The chart may be zoomed, or inspected with a cursor as it is updated in real-time.

Switch between time domain and frequency domain to demonstrate re-filling the chart data-set with completely new data. Drag the X and Y axis to demonstrate rescaling of a chart while in real-time mode.


The ECG Monitor demonstrates SCICHART used in a real-time scenario, with the range of the X-Axis updating when the trace hits the right side of the chart. As the trace fills the available chart space, a new visible range is calculated and the chart is shifted back 50%. The demo runs in real-time and uses FIFO Series to discard old data to ensure memory is used efficiently for the duration of the application.


The Performance Demo shows SCICHART used in a high-performance real-time charting context. Three series of a random walk are generated, data appended to the chart using a background thread, and rendering performed on the UI thread.

The result? Up to 100,000,000 datapoints per second of real-time WPF charting power (3 Series of 3.3MPoints, ~40 FPS). Interactivity is provided by zoom and axis scale modifiers which are enabled when the data appending is paused.


The SciTrader demo shows a multi-chart pane, interactive MVVM demo rendering Candlestick, OHLC, Mountain (Area), Line and Column charts with user-selectable chart type, Data source (e.g. INDU, EUR.USD), Timeframe (Daily, Hourly) and interactivity modifiers for medium to large datasets (up to 100,000 OHLC values).

SciTrader showcases the interactivity of SCICHART via user-selectable ChartModifiers. Select an option and you can zoom, pan, scroll, scale the X & Y axis, draw a zoom region and interrogate data values with a mouse over cursor.


The Oscilloscope Demo showcases the Xaml styling and customization of SCICHART in an MVVM demo, while maintaining smooth interactivity and performance in a medium sized dataset (10,000 points per series, 3 series).

The Oscilloscope provides the ability to zoom, pan, scale the X & Y axis, draw a zoom region and interrogate data values on mouse over. A shader effect is used to provide a slight glow to the series to simulate the trace glow on an oscilloscope VDU.


The Trade Markers Demo showcases the extensibility and customization of SCICHART. Using a custom ChartModifier, the developer is able to modify the behaviour of SCICHART and render Buy/Sell markers (provided by Control Template) over the chart. Trade markers are interactive, showing a tooltip with trade details such as Buy/Sell side, Deal Price, Instrument, Trade Date and Total Price.

The SCICHART API is being built out to allow custom drawing on render, as well as driving refreshes and overlay UI via mouse interaction.

  • With the ability to render millions of data points in an endless array of measures, we can show live data from our database to users nearly instantly.
  • I originally purchased the Basic package because I've had a history of vendors over promising and under delivering. But this is not the case with SciChart! You guys really do a bang up job. You are the best component vendor I’ve had to deal with in my 30+ year career.
    Douglas Gerard
  • And the best WPF chart is… SciChart. High performance (gives 30 FPS with 7 mln points on my PC). Very good samples. Technical support answers questions quickly. Conclusion: Very reliable library with lovely features.
    Klaus, via StackOverflow.com
  • Great Support. Andrew & Yuriy. Thanks very much for answering my questions as I’ve been demoing scichart. Your willingness to help customers (and potential customers) use scichart successfully is very much appreciated! I purchased my scichart license today.
    Techman234, via SciChart Forums
  • If Performance & reliability with huge Real-time rendering of Large dataset is required such as Financial real-time data, Financial Trading applications, & scientific application then SCICHART wins by huge margin. The Performance is just too good. If you develop real-time financial applications in WPF or Silverlight – this is what you need period. Performance counts.
    Jimmy, via StackOverflow.com
  • The speed is incredible. When our company was looking for a new Chart provider I tested at least 10 providers. No one even came close at all to what I saw with SciChart. I created a sample which I sent to several competitors and asked them to alter it for their chart to improve the performance, and even with that no one could touch SciChart.
    Anon, via Q3 2014 Survey