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Styling the SciChartOverview, SciChartScrollbar
Styling the SciChartOverview, SciChartScrollbar Posted by Andrew BT on 05 February 2019 04:55 PM So you want to style the SciChartOverview or SciChartScrollbar? Please see these articles which have ControlTemplates and styling tips: SciChartScrollbar API - documentation article about Scrollbars in SciChart Scrolling a Chart with the SciChartOverview - documentation artic

Scrolling a Chart with the SciChartOverview
Scrolling a Chart with the SciChartOverview Posted by Andrew BT on 13 February 2019 12:28 PM For a documentation article about the SciChartOverview control please see this link. Also you may be interested in the documentation about ScrollBars API. What is the SciChartOverview? The SciChartOverview is a specialized form of SciChartScrollBar, which allows scrollin

Creating a Custom SciChartOverview with many series using the ScrollBar API
Creating a Custom SciChartOverview with many series using the ScrollBar API Posted by Andrew BT on 07 February 2019 04:33 PM A frequently asked question is How do I add more than one series behind a SciChartOverview Control? We present a way you can do this below, using the SciChart ScrollBar API, introduced in SciChart v3.2. The Custom SciChart Overview Example The Custom Sc

SciChartOverview in SciChart JS
It’s possible to implements something like WPF ‘s SciChartOverview in SciChart JS ?Hi Gustavo,Good news! We’ve put this on the roadmap for SciChart.js v2, ETA end of summer 2021. We already have a working prototype using the annotations API.Obviously this needs styling and some behavioural improvements but proves the concept.If you’re interested in how we do this now, see the code sample

SciChartOverview doesn't update when SciStockChart & SciChartOverview is hidden
HelloI have a problem trying to get SciChartOverview to update when the SciStockChart changes. My code is basically works as follows:SciChart is in a ContentTemplate in a ContentControl which displays a loading animation while data is computed and loaded. When that finishes the ContentControl switches to the SciStockChart & SciChartOverview and data is added to the SciStockCh

SciChartOverview - Can't zoom in far enough
I was hoping to use the SciChartOverview control as the method of zooming and panning. The problem I am running into is that I can only zoom in to about 80,000 points and I would like to zoom in to maybe 3000-8000 points. Is there a property which controls how close the zoom sliders can get or is there some other way to accomplish this? I hope my description of the issue is clear enough,

SciChartOverview displaying name of serie
For the sake of other posters, here is the control template of the SciChartOverview control. You can adjust this to suit your needs:<! <Grid> <Canvas Name="PART_HorizontalGridLinesPanel" /> <Canvas Name="PART_VerticalGridLinesPanel" /> </Grid> </Border> </Border> </ControlTemplate> </Setter.Value> </Setter> </

SciChartOverview for all Templated Items
I want to be able to use a single SciChartOverview (not part of the Item Template) to set the visible range on all of the charts displayed in the ItemsControl. value) { element.SetValue(ItemsControlParentSurfaceProperty, value); } public static ItemsControl GetItemsControlParentSurface(UIElement element) { return (ItemsControl)element.GetValue(ItemsControlParentSurfaceProperty); } private

ScichartOverview - How to set YAxis Range
I would have in a scichartoverview a Yrange settable in order to have a clearer view of the graphThanks,DavidHi David,You can customise the SciChartOverview entirely, by using our SciChartScrollbar and a SciChartSurface behind it. This is demonstrated in our ‘Custom SciChart Overview’ example.Best regards Andrew

SciChartOverView resets XVisibleRange
I have a real time line chart and a SciChartOverview control and the problem is, as soon as I want to extend the visible range with the overview’s slider, the chart’s x visible range is zoomed to extent. I’d like to have the same functionality as in the ScrollChartUsingOverviewControl example and the real time ticking stock chart.