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Learn how SciChart's charting library helps our customers with data visualisation in their Projects. Through a combination of Speed, Performance & Flexibility we are able to make the impossible tasks possible. We've helped many companies and individuals to make their projects a reality. Read on to see what SciChart could do for your project.

Digital Logic Analyzer Application with SciChart

Digital Logic Analyzer App for Big Data Visualization from Electronical Sensors

Read on to see how JKI used SciChart WPF to render huge datasets in a Digital Logic Analyzer Application.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Electronics, Semiconductor

The client is a leading electronic test and measurement company that provides high speed trace and test verification tools for cutting-edge memory technologies.​

Challenge: The client needed a powerful data visualization charting tool to meet the performance requirements of their Protocol Logic Analyzer software, and a high-performance charting component that is fast enough to visualize big chunks of data was essential.

Solution: Several custom features and custom series types were created, which drastically enhanced the performance and functionality of the Protocol Logic Analyzer Software. Custom features such as Custom X-Axis type (Double-scaled time axis) and UniformXyDataSeries custom type were used. In addition, SciChart implemented specific logic for finding intersections of multiple inner signals and drawing those intersections without loss in performance. Finally, SciChart provided a solution that could draw billions of data points while minimizing the computer's resources and provided customized charts and annotations.

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Realtime Telemetry Visualization of Robots Playing Soccer

Read on to see how Robot Club Toulon used SciChart to display Robot telemetry in Realtime to build a strategy for robots soccer team.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Research, Robotics

Robot Club Toulon is composed of students and researchers in robotics, electronics, and embedded systems. They are focused on improving robotics and building a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players.

Challenge: To understand the robot's environment in real-time, the speed at which the robots moved - as well as the deployment of advanced team strategies. Additionally, to display telemetry and strategic information for each robot and the whole team in real-time without impacting CPU performances.

Solution: Robot Club Toulon used SciChart’s WPF high-performance charting tools to fine-tune the robots and used it to display telemetry and strategic information for each robot and the whole team in real-time. They utilized many of SciChart features out of the box, as well as took advantage SciChart's flexible API by using CustomeRenderable series to create custom PolygonSeries.

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Realtime visualization of Robots playing soccer with SciChart heatmap
realtime high bandwidth financial charting wpf scichart

Integration into Financial Analytics Application

Read on to see how a Quantitative Trading firm used SciChart WPF for a big-data analytics of market data and trading data, spanning 150 markets and 20 years of Intraday data

Platform: WPF

Industry: Financial, Trading, Analytics

The Client is a highly successful quantitative trading firm and global private investor. The Client’s focus is on technology and financial sector opportunities. Leveraging the unique understanding of risk management, they utilize complex quantitative research methods and leading-edge technology to develop world-class trading strategies.

Challenge: The Client had a need for a powerful, general-purpose charting control. In addition, an application that will allow visualization of key trading related metrics using charts was required. The application needed to be performant enough to handle big datasets and have smooth user interactions.

Solution: SciChart High Performance WPF Charts were used to handle many chart panes, with hundreds of series and millions of data-points on screen at any one time. Custom series and controls were built by SciChart consultants to further augment the system and provide complex, interactive tooltips, new axis types and new series types to display data as required. Performance optimisation work was carried out by SciChart consultants alongside the customer team to implement a system with good user experience despite the high volume of data being displayed.

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High-Definition WPF Realtime Visualization of IR QCL Spectroscopy for Diagnostic Tissue Imaging

Read on to see how a cutting-edge research project at the University of Illinois used SciChart to display Realtime High Definition Heatmaps from Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy surpassing Table-top Fourier Transform IR (FT-IR) technology.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Scientific, Infrared Spectroscopy

The University of Illinois departments of Bioengineering, Mechanical Science & Electrical Computer Engineering were researching alternatives to FT-IR for use in Medical Diagnostics. Despite exponential growth of the field and its world-wide research, the clinical sphere has been limited by data management. With over a 100 million data points generated in Realtime current imaging technologies were limited to less than 1% of the data set.

Challenge: To display accurate Realtime charts from Fast Infrared Chemical Imaging for high-definition, high Data sets onto heatmaps and line charts. Data is collected from QCL spectrometers and displayed both for development and end-users.

Solution: SciCharts High Performance WPF charts were used to handle over 1million points of data in Realtime with the capacity to increase up to 10 million. Custom annotations were implemented via SciChart's Rich Core WPF charting API to generate overlaid line annotations and show cursor position and information. This allowed the advent of HD Realtime IR imaging.

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Realtime QCL heatmap visualization SciChart
High performance WPF charting race car sensor

Visualization of data from more than 300 sensors from a race car

Read on to see how to Revolve NTNU used SciCharts High Performance WPF Charting Library to handle their complex data from over 300 sensors in their Race Car.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Engineering, Formula Student

Revolve NTNU Norwegian University of Science & Technology is an independent student organization engaged in Formula Student, Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition. Creating new iterations of their Race Car each year, Revolve needed to be able to visualization their multi-stream, high-bandwidth data from their hundreds of sensors in Realtime to ensure top performance and allow for torque vectoring and testing of their car.

Challenge: Revolve needed a charting tool that could handle the visualization of data from over 300 sensors in linegraphs, scatter plots and heatmaps all in Realtime. Sensors mounted inside the Formula Student Race Car output data covering temperature, voltage and torque during a race and needed to be analysed on a smooth UI whilst allowing for annotations and overlays.

Solution: SciChart's High Performance WPF charts were used to smoothly handle the data from all 300+ sensors in Realtime. Multi-series, High-Bandwidth data was interpreted and annotated with help of rich core WPF charting API allowing for performance analysis and testing. Combined with the comprehensive documentation and tech support, the students at Revolve found SciChart easy to use and integrate into their custom systems.

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Dynamic WPF Visualization of ECG signals in Realtime

Read on to see how Cardea Labs used SciCharts High Performance WPF charting library to create a low cost non-invasive health care solution using the open source miBEAT engineering application hardware and resolve their charting issues.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Medical Equipment, Healthcare

Cardea Labs & Cardea Biomedical Technologies Pvt. Ltd wanted to create a low cost non-invasive healthcare solution for the clinical needs of India and the rest of the world. With a focus on creating a cheap portable ECG device that could achieve medical grade clarity, Cardea Labs was only limited by their Charting solutions until SciChart.

Challenge: Cardea Labs needed a dynamically updating chart at 250 points per second with data acquisition through Bluetooth connection for an ECG device derived from the miBEAT hardware platform. The Software solution needed to maintain a smooth UI and be portable, retaining an export function. The solution had to allow increased functionality as well as overlaid information whilst being user friendly.

Solution: SciChart's extensive charting examples were used to create the FIFO functionality required, which generated a Realtime scrolling ECG monitor. This was combined with export function that allowed users to export in numerous formats, so the data coulbe be collated outside of the application. The session window was similarly upgraded to make use of Pan, Zoom & Scroll functions making the UI intuitive and user friendly. Lastly SciChart's High Performance capabilities could handle the 250 points per second in Realtime whilst being used on smaller portable devices.

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SciChart high performance financial charting app android
realtime high bandwidth financial charting wpf scichart

Custom Charting of Markets Data for Trading

Read on to see how Quantirica S.R.L, an algorithmic trading consulting company used SciChart in their implementation of a bespoke trading platform to better serve their customers.

Platform: WPF

Industry:Financial, Trading

Quantirica needed a bespoke charting solution for a multi-pane, multi-stream data set to create a software package that was easy to use yet displayed all the necessary data in a succinct manner. With a focus on Algorithmic trading and analysing investment patterns in financial markets for both institutional assets and retail customers, they needed a trading platform charting solution that reflected their ethos “reliability, specialization and innovation”.

Challenge: An innovative solution for visualizing market data in Realtime with a range of custom features include price and volume, Market Profile and Delta & OHLC volume charts to be displayed simultaneously from varying data streams. The solution needed to work in a High Frequency, Realtime environment and be a reliable platform for trader decision making with a range of plugins allowing for custom annotations and overlays.

Solution: SciChart on a consultancy basis developed a number of custom series chart types for Quantirica to visualize complex bid/ask and volume data alongside candlestick charts. The solution was able to show the user how many trades were performed at a certain price (or tick) and the side (bid/ask) of the trade. This was visualized in a number of ways including histograms, small 1 dimensional heatmaps and stacked bar series. This game changing display allowed Quantirica to make their end users trading more successful and remain highly competitive in their sector.

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Spectra visualization for self-made spectrum acquisition and processing software

Read onto see how a PHD Research project from the Ocean University of China (Laoshan Campus) used Scichart to visualize High Frequency Data sets over multiple axis to promote the development of marine exploration technology using a custom portable spectrometer.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Spectroscopy, Scientific

The Laser Multispectral Diagnostic Analysis and Sensor Technology research group operating out of the Optics & Optoelectronics laboratory was seeking to improve marine exploration technology with a focus on the spectroscopic abilities of portable USB spectrometers. Previously limited by the charting capabilities they turned to SciChart to reinvigorate the sector.

Challenge: To handle High frequency data sets at a rate of 2000 data points every 10 milliseconds whilst outputting in a customizable XY axis series and handle simultaneous line charts with a smooth UI.

Solution: Once implemented, SciCharts High Performance charting control handled the entire data set as well as being able to visualize multiple line charts and series. Extra features were added including positions of data values and process functions overlaid as annotations. This meant that the software interface would allow manufacturers to produce smaller spectrometers and support them.

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High Frequency WPF visualization of processed spectra
realtime high bandwidth financial charting wpf scichart

Visualization for a Professional Trading Software

Read on to see how MTPredictor integrated SciChart into their Professional Charting Software program to deal with the complex data streams inherent to Financial Markets whilst maintaining an easy to use customer friendly interface and adding custom annotations.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Financial, Trading

MTPredictor was aiming to create a new iteration of their professional software package with a wide array of new custom features that maintained a smooth UI whilst delivering a rich user experience. The Charting solution needed to be able to handle multiple panels and display interactive annotations for analysis.

Challenge: To create a Fast and Reliable Visualization for Potential Trade Set up Analysis for Stocks, Futures and Forex Markets. Handling a multiple panel set up with interactive annotations for analysis with immersive features that allow their customers to gain a competitive edge.

Solution: SciChart's proven track record with complex financial market data was put to the test again and provided a fast, reliable & efficient charting solution. MTPredictor was able to handle large complex data-sets over multiple panels while maintaining a smooth user interface with Realtime updates. Advanced Tooltip drawing tools and indicator overlays were integrated into their Software depicting trade setup analysis features such as Elliot Wave Calculations and Fibonacci Retracements. A tabbed and stacked indicator panels were added below the main chart area for adding technical indicators to the chart. Charts were also enriched with easy "Grab and drag" annotations functionality.

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