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How to: Add and Remove Chart Series Dynamically

Part 1: Dynamically Adding, Remove RenderableSeries with Code Behind A common question that users ask us is how can they add and remove series dynamically on […]

Annotations – Adding Trade Markers to a Chart

Adding Trade Markers to a Chart A common requirement that people ask of SciChart is the ability to overlay markers or other annotations on a chart. […]

Interpolating Data-points with a Custom Cursor Modifier

Providing an Interpolated Cursor via the ChartModifier API Here at SciChart HQ we receive quite a lot of user-requests for interactivity which is similar to, but […]
Custom Annotations

Extending SciChart with Text Annotations and Screenshots

Providing Annotations via The ChartModifier API This article hails from the days of v1.3.x where Annotations were not native to SciChart. We’re keeping it for posterities […]