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Android Chart Performance Comparison

Android Chart Performance: TLDR In this post, we compare the performance of five of the major Android Charting Libraries vs. our own brand new & upcoming Android Chart: SciChart […]

Extreme Performance Optimization Survey

From time to time at SciChart HQ, we get asked for even more performance. Yes! I know it’s crazy, SciChart can easily handle 10 million points in real-time […]

How Fast is SciChart’s WPF Chart? DirectX vs. Software Comparison

// Are you looking for the Fastest/Best WPF Charts? We recently published an article titled Why SciChart: the Best WPF Charts, with 8 reasons why to […]

DirectX Scatter Chart Performance Fixed!

Just a quick update from our weekend warriors working hard to make SciChart the best High Performance WPF charting platform: You may have seen we mentioned […]