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Using the VerticalSliceModifier

New documentation is now available for using the VerticalSliceModifier. Please see the article Adding draggable RolloverModifier style lines with the VerticalSliceModifierĀ over at our knowledgebase! If you […]
SciChartGroup with ScrollBar

How to add a SciChartOverview or Scrollbar with an ItemsControl of charts, or SciChartGroup

A frequently asked question at SciChart is how can I add a SciChartOverview to a Multi-paned Stock Chart hosted by SciChartGroup. We already have a documented […]

.NET OutOfMemoryException on AnyCPU? Read this!

Recently a member of the Forums reported receiving an OutOfMemoryException in SciChart when appending 40,000,000 points to a DataSeries. With .NET4.5, AnyCPU, plenty of RAM and […]

WPF x:Name Memory Leak / How to Clear Memory in SciChart

Today a customer of SciChart asked us how to clear memory in SciChart. They were experiencing a memory leak, after adding 30,000,000 points to a SciChartSurface […]