com.scichart.charting3d.modifiers Package
Defines the base class to a Chart Modifier, which can be used to extend the interactivity or rendering of the com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.SciChartSurface3D
The FreeLookModifier3D provides the behaviour of free look (free rotation of camera)
Provides a base class for Linked 3D Chart Modifiers. Classes that inherit this allow touch events and interaction to occur across Chart Panes
Allows a collection of modifiers to be added to the com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.SciChartSurface3D.getChartModifiers. Child modifiers are stored in the getChildModifiers collection.
The OrbitModifier3D provides the behaviour of orbit (rotation around camera target)
The PinchZoomModifier3D provides zooming of the com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.SciChartSurface3D with the pinch gesture.
Defines the base class to a 3D Chart Modifier which detects standard scale gesture detected by android.view.ScaleGestureDetector
Defines a special ModifierGroup3D which allows to organize child modifiers in groups and switch between them
The TooltipModifier3D provides a touch-over tooltip to a chart, outputting a single com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.hitTest.SeriesInfo3D<T> object to bind to which updates as the touch moves over data-points
The TooltipModifierBase3D is part of the ChartModifier3D API which provides a touch-over templated tooltip, provided by the output of the Hit-Test operation on a com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D.
Defines the base class to a 3D Chart Modifier which performs manual processing of touch events
Defines a modifier which provides the behaviour of selection of vertices on a 3D chart
The ZoomExtentsModifier3D provides the behaviour of zoom camera to fit on mouse double click on a 3D chart
Defines constants for different cursor modes. See TooltipModifier3D
Defines constants for different line Projection modes
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