com.scichart.charting3d.visuals Package : ISciChartSurface3D Interface
ISciChartSurface3D Interface
Defines the interface to a SciChartSurface3D a high performance OpenGL powered 3D chart surface. Multiple multiple com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D are drawn over an Axis Cube, which contains the visual representation of X,Y and Z com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.axes.IAxis3D instances. Each Renderable Series has a com.scichart.charting3d.model.dataSeries.IDataSeries3D<TX,TY,TZ>, which provides the data-source. The SciChartSurface3D supports one or more com.scichart.charting3d.modifiers.IChartModifier3D via the SciChartSurface3D.getChartModifiers property. These are used to affect behaviour such as zooming, panning and tooltips. Finally, a instance is applied to the SciChartSurface3D to define the view into the 3D scene.
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