com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.metadataProviders Package
Defines a default implementation of ISelectableMetadataProvider3D which sets com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.BaseRenderableSeries3D.getSelectedVertexColor color for all selected vertices
An abstract base class for IMetadataProvider3D implementors
Defines a default implementation of IPointMetadataProvider3D which can be used with com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D
Defines a class which hold metadata for single point
Defiens base class for metadata provider where each point can be selected separately
Defines the metadata provider for filling of com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D
Defines the common interface to a metadata provider.
Defines interface for metadata for com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.pointMarkers.BasePointMarker3D
Defines an metadata provider which allows to select separate points
Defines metadata provider for drawing stroke lines in com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D
Defines metadata provider for 3D surface mesh
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