com.scichart.charting3d.visuals Package
An interface to a subset of methods on the SciChartSurface3D
Defines the interface to a SciChartSurface3D a high performance OpenGL powered 3D chart surface. Multiple multiple com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.renderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D are drawn over an Axis Cube, which contains the visual representation of X,Y and Z com.scichart.charting3d.visuals.axes.IAxis3D instances. Each Renderable Series has a com.scichart.charting3d.model.dataSeries.IDataSeries3D<TX,TY,TZ>, which provides the data-source. The SciChartSurface3D supports one or more com.scichart.charting3d.modifiers.IChartModifier3D via the SciChartSurface3D.getChartModifiers property. These are used to affect behaviour such as zooming, panning and tooltips. Finally, a instance is applied to the SciChartSurface3D to define the view into the 3D scene.
Defines the interface with methods which are used for notification about changes in SciChartSurface3D instance
Defines the interface which allows to get access to parent ISciChartSurface3D instance
Defines the listener interface which is called at the end of single render pass
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