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com.scichart.charting.numerics.tickProviders Package : DeltaTickProvider<TDeltaCalculator> Class
DeltaTickProvider<TDeltaCalculator> Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by DeltaTickProvider<TDeltaCalculator>.

Public Methods
Protected Methods
Protected MethodGets the index of specified major axis tick  
Protected MethodGuards that the tickRange, minor and major delta values are valid. Throws an exception if some of the values is invalid.  
Protected Method@inheritDoc:  
Protected MethodChecks whether provided parameters are valid for this tick provider  
Protected MethodReturns whether tick provider should be updated (Inherited from com.scichart.charting.numerics.tickProviders.TickProvider)
Protected Method@inheritDoc:  
Protected MethodUpdates major and minor tick values (Inherited from com.scichart.charting.numerics.tickProviders.TickProvider)
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