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The Ellipsoid 3D Chart Type

Ellipsoid 3D Charts are provided by the EllipsoidDataSeries3D type.


The location of the EllipsoidDataSeries3D is defined by following properties:

  • OffsetX – a location of the Ellipsoid by the X-Axis
  • OffsetY – a location of the Ellipsoid by the Y-Axis
  • OffsetZ – a location of the Ellipsoid by the Z-Axis

The size of the EllipsoidDataSeries3D is defined by following properties:

    A – a radius of the Ellipsoid along the X-Axis
    B – a radius of the Ellipsoid along the Y-Axis
    C – a radius of the Ellipsoid along the Z-Axis

Ellipse 3D
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final Camera3D camera = sciChart3DBuilder.newCamera3D().build();
surface3d.getWorldDimensions().assign(200, 200, 200);
final NumericAxis3D xAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withVisibleRange(-7, 7).withAutoRangeMode(AutoRange.Never).build();
final NumericAxis3D yAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withVisibleRange(-7, 7).withAutoRangeMode(AutoRange.Never).build();
final NumericAxis3D zAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withVisibleRange(-7, 7).withAutoRangeMode(AutoRange.Never).build();
final int sizeU = 40, sizeV = 20;
final EllipsoidDataSeries3D<Double> meshDataSeries = new EllipsoidDataSeries3D<>(Double.class, sizeU, sizeV);
final Random random = new Random();
for (int u = 0; u < sizeU; u++) {
    for (int v = 0; v < sizeV; v++) {
        final double weight = 1d - Math.abs(2d * v / sizeV - 1d);
        final double offset = random.nextDouble();
        meshDataSeries.setDisplacement(u, v, offset * weight);
final int[] colors = {0xFF1D2C6B, Blue, Cyan, GreenYellow, Yellow, Red, DarkRed};
final float[] stops = {0, .1f, .3f, .5f, .7f, .9f, 1};
final FreeSurfaceRenderableSeries3D rs = sciChart3DBuilder.newFreeSurfaceSeries3D()
        .withMeshColorPalette(new GradientColorPalette(colors, stops))
UpdateSuspender.using(surface3d, new Runnable() {
    public void run() {