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The SciChartSurface Camera

The property SciChart3DSurface.Camera defines an ICameraController instance. By default this interface is implemented in Camera3D class.

By default, the SciChart3DSurface.Camera is set to a new Camera3D instance which defines the PositionTarget (in world coordinates) of the camera, and whether the camera is in Perspective or Orthogonal projection modes.

Above: the representation of a Camera in 3D Space. The camera is attached to the SciChart3DSurface.Camera property and is defined by a PositionTarget, plus other properties which define the properties of the viewport.

Camera Position, Target

The camera is defined by a  PositionTarget which are XYZ vectors in World Coordinates.

Other properties which define the viewport as seen by the camera include:


The "Modify Camera3D Properties" example shows how to manipulate the camera, and how to switch between perspective and orthoginal modes.