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The SurfaceMesh 3D Chart Type

The surface mesh renders a two-dimensional array as a heightmap. The SurfaceMeshRenderableSeries3D type provides a number of configurable chart types in SciChart 3D, including:

  • Dynamic, updating Surfaces (terrains or height maps)
  • Texturing of surfaces or terrains or height maps
  • Non-uniform or uniform grid spacing
  • Contour mapping or wireframe on terrain or height maps


Declaring a Surface Mesh with Uniform Data

To declare a Surface Mesh with uniform data, use the following code:

Uniform SurfaceMesh 3D
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final Camera3D camera = sciChart3DBuilder.newCamera3D().build();
final NumericAxis3D xAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withGrowBy(.1, .1).build();
final NumericAxis3D yAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withVisibleRange(0, .3).withGrowBy(.1, .1).build();
final NumericAxis3D zAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withGrowBy(.1, .1).build();
final int xSize = 25;
final int zSize = 25;
final UniformGridDataSeries3D<Double, Double, Double> ds = new UniformGridDataSeries3D<>(Double.class, Double.class, Double.class, xSize, zSize);
for (int x = 0; x < xSize; x++) {
    for (int z = 0; z < zSize; z++) {
        final double xVal = 25.0 * x / xSize;
        final double zVal = 25.0 * z / zSize;
        final double y = Math.sin(xVal * .2) / ((zVal+1) * 2);
        ds.updateYAt(x, z, y);
final int[] colors = new int[]{0xFF1D2C6B, Blue, Cyan, GreenYellow, Yellow, Red, DarkRed};
final float[] stops = {0, .1f, .3f, .5f, .7f, .9f, 1};
final int stroke = 0x77228B22;
final SurfaceMeshRenderableSeries3D rs = sciChart3DBuilder.newSurfaceMeshSeries3D()
        .withMeshColorPalette(new GradientColorPalette(colors, stops))
UpdateSuspender.using(surface3d, new Runnable() {
    public void run() {

Data is stored in the UniformGridDataSeries3D Type. This represents a 2-dimensional grid, typically of type Double (but can be defined with generics).

Some important points to note: