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The Waterfall 3D Chart Type

The Waterfall 3D Chart renders a two-dimensional array as a series of slices. The WaterfallRenderableSeries3D type provides a number of configurable chart types in SciChart 3D, including:

  • Dynamic updating slices for visualizing spectra (Acoustic or radio frequency domain data)
  • Volumetric slices
  • Optional PointMarkers at data-points.


Declaring a Waterfall 3D Chart

To declare a Waterfall 3D Chart with SciChart, use the following code:

Waterfall 3D
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final Camera3D camera = sciChart3DBuilder.newCamera3D().build();
final NumericAxis3D xAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().build();
final NumericAxis3D yAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().build();
final NumericAxis3D zAxis = sciChart3DBuilder.newNumericAxis3D().withAutoRangeMode(AutoRange.Always).build();
final WaterfallDataSeries3D<Double, Double, Double> ds = new WaterfallDataSeries3D<>(Double.class, Double.class, Double.class, POINTS_PER_SLICE, SLICE_COUNT);
for (int sliceIndex = 0; sliceIndex < SLICE_COUNT; sliceIndex++) {
    for (int pointIndex = 0; pointIndex < POINTS_PER_SLICE; pointIndex++) {
        ds.updateYAt(pointIndex, sliceIndex, yValue);
final int[] fillColors = new int[] {Red, Orange, Yellow, GreenYellow, DarkGreen};
final float[] fillStops = new float[] {0, .25f, .5f, .75f, 1};
final GradientColorPalette gradientFillColorPalette = new GradientColorPalette(fillColors, fillStops);
final WaterfallRenderableSeries3D rs = sciChart3DBuilder.newWaterfallSeries3D()
UpdateSuspender.using(surface3d, new Runnable() {
    public void run() {

Data is stored in the WaterfallDataSeries3D Type. This represents a 2-dimensional grid, typically of type Double (but can be defined with generics).


Some important points to note: