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Using the SciChart Android Examples App

The Examples Suite Home Screen

From the Home Screen of the SciChart Android Examples Suite, you can search for examples by chart type, title or source code you can scroll and browse examples, or you can switch category to see Featured Apps.

When you start the SciChart Android Examples Suite, try playing around with these controls to become familiar with the application.

Using an Example

Click on any example in the SciChart Examples Suite. In most examples, the following actions are available:

  • Touch drag to pan
  • Pinch to zoom in/out
  • Drag axis to scale or pan
  • Double tap to zoom to extents

Viewing the Source Code

In the top right of each SciChart Android Chart Example there is a burger menu for settings of the Example. Tap this to show the menu.

Next, click on the Show Source Code icon to show the source. From here you can browse the files and source we used to create this example directly on your android device.

Exporting / Sharing the Source Code

The SciChart Android Examples Suite has a powerful feature which allows you to export any example to a stand alone Android Studio project. This can be used to get started really quickly when using SciChart Android.

NOTE: The Export/Share Example feature only works from an Android Device with a configured email account. It will not work from the emulator.

To use this feature, on the example burger menu, click the Share icon.

Select an Export option from the popup menu. For instance, you can email the exported project to yourself, or, share it to dropbox or google drive.

Now, download the exported example on your desktop computer and using Android Studio you should be able to compile it and run it.


Searching for an Example or Chart Type

Using the search functionality you can serach for an example title, chart type or even search the source code. For instance, to find examples which feature a Cursor, type 'Cursor' into the search bar.


Viewing the Examples Online

 Export examples to HTML (or create pages) and list like www.scichart.com/android-chart-examples 

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