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Xamarin 3D Tutorial 04 - Cursors and Tooltips

In the previous tutorial, we showed how to create a chart and add data. In this tutorial we show how to add a cursor and tooltip to that chart.


  • cursor ⁠— a tablet or cell phone obviously does not have a mouse. Instead the mouse is your finer and the cursor is where you place your finger. It appears as a small x (cross).
  • tooltip — is text that displays when you push the cursor onto an object, like a point plotted on a chart. You have to push the cursor onto the coordinate for the text to appear. In the case of the example below you probably need to use two fingers to zoom into the chart to make the points appear large enough to that you can see them.


We can add more renderable on the surface by simple adding them into RenderableSeries collection of chart3D. Similarly we an add additional modifiers, such as a TooltipModifier3D.

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   chart3D.ChartModifiers = new ChartModifier3DCollection
        new PinchZoomModifier3D(),
        new OrbitModifier3D(),
        new ZoomExtentsModifier3D(),
        new TooltipModifier3D()
               CrosshairMode = CrosshairMode.Lines,
               ReceiveHandledEvents = true

Here is result which you can see if touch one of points.


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