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Xamarin Tutorial 05 - Adding Tooltips & Legends to a Chart
Source code for this tutorial can be found at our SciChart.Android.Examples Github Repository

This article is a continuation of a tutorial series on how to create a chart using SciChart Xamarin.Android. So far we have created a new chart, added both X axis and Y axis, some series with data and also zoom and pan behaviors. The previous tutorial can be found here: Xamarin Tutorial 04 - Adding Zooming, Panning Behavior.

Adding a Legend to the Chart

In SciChart, a chart legend can be created and configured via the LegendModifier:

Create a LegendModifier
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// Create and configure legend
var legendModifier = new LegendModifier(this);
legendModifier.SetLegendPosition(GravityFlags.Bottom | GravityFlags.CenterHorizontal, 10);

Adding Series Tooltips

Similarly, to add series tooltips you have to create a corresponding modifier and add it to the ChartModifiers collection of a SciChartSurface. In this tutorial, we are going to add a RolloverModifier to the chart:

Create a RolloverModifier
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// Create RolloverModifier to show tooltips
var rolloverModifier = new RolloverModifier();

The last step is to modify previosly created ModifierGroup and add new modifiers:

Add new modifiers
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var modifiers = new ModifierGroup(pinchZoomModifier, zoomPanModifier, zoomExtentsModifier, yAxisDragModifier, rolloverModifier, legendModifier);

When you rebuild project you should see next:

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