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Tooltips Customization

In SciChart, you can fully customize tooltips for SCITooltipModifier, SCIRolloverModifier and SCICursorModifier. Those customizations can be achieved via the ISCISeriesInfoProvider and ISCISeriesTooltip protocols. Moreover - tooltips can be made unique per a RenderableSeries instance via the ISCIRenderableSeries.seriesInfoProvider property.

We have several examples (listed below) which shows how to customize tooltips for the modifiers:

NOTE: All examples can be found in the SciChart iOS Examples Suite as well as on GitHub:

To have fully custom tooltip for your modifier, you will need to provide custom ISCISeriesInfoProvider for your RenderableSeries via inheriting from SCISeriesInfoProviderBase which contains some base functionality. From there - you might want to override one of the following (or both):

  • -getSeriesInfoInternal - allows to provide custom implementation of SCISeriesInfo, which simply contains information about a RenderableSeries and should be created based on it
  • -getSeriesTooltipInternalWithSeriesInfo:modifierType: - allows to provide custom tooltip for your series, based on seriesInfo and modifierType

Customization of Rollover Modifier Tooltips

Let’s consider Customization of Rollover Modifier Tooltips as an example, since customizations for other modifiers are nearly the same. Customization Rollover Modifier

NOTE: Full example sources are available in 2D Charts -> Tooltips and Hit Test -> Customization RolloverModifier

First thing, we will need to create custom ISCISeriesTooltip and implement -internalUpdate: method in which we update tooltip instance based on passed in SCISeriesInfo instance. Then, in custom ISCISeriesInfoProvider we override -getSeriesTooltipInternalWithSeriesInfo:modifierType and provide our custom tooltip for SCIRolloverModifier type, since we want to customize tooltips only for RolloverModifier. Finally, we provide our custom SeriesInfoProvider to our RenderableSeries instance via the corresponding property.

Let’s see the code below:

#import <SciChart/SCISeriesTooltipBase+Protected.h> #import <SciChart/SCISeriesInfoProviderBase+Protected.h> @interface FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip : SCIXySeriesTooltip @end @implementation FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip - (void)internalUpdateWithSeriesInfo:(SCIXySeriesInfo *)seriesInfo { NSString *string = NSString.Empty; string = [string stringByAppendingFormat:@“X: %@\n”, seriesInfo.formattedXValue.rawString]; string = [string stringByAppendingFormat:@“Y: %@\n”, seriesInfo.formattedYValue.rawString]; if (seriesInfo.seriesName != nil) { string = [string stringByAppendingFormat:@“%@\n”, seriesInfo.seriesName]; } string = [string stringByAppendingString:@“Rollover Modifier”]; self.text = string; [self setTooltipBackground:0xffe2460c]; [self setTooltipStroke:0xffff4500]; [self setTooltipTextColor:0xffffffff]; } @end … @interface FirstCustomRolloverSeriesInfoProvider : SCIDefaultXySeriesInfoProvider @end @implementation FirstCustomRolloverSeriesInfoProvider - (id<<SCISeriesTooltip>)getSeriesTooltipInternalWithSeriesInfo:(SCIXySeriesInfo *)seriesInfo modifierType:(Class)modifierType { if (modifierType == SCIRolloverModifier.class) { return [[FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip alloc] initWithSeriesInfo:seriesInfo]; } else { return [super getSeriesTooltipInternalWithSeriesInfo:seriesInfo modifierType:modifierType]; } } @end ... SCIFastLineRenderableSeries *line1 = [SCIFastLineRenderableSeries new]; line1.seriesInfoProvider = [FirstCustomRolloverSeriesInfoProvider new];
import SciChart.Protected.SCISeriesInfoProviderBase import SciChart.Protected.SCISeriesTooltipBase private class FirstCustomSeriesInfoProvider: SCIDefaultXySeriesInfoProvider { class FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip: SCIXySeriesTooltip { override func internalUpdate(with seriesInfo: SCIXySeriesInfo!) { var string = NSString.empty; string += “X: \(seriesInfo.formattedXValue.rawString!)\n” string += “Y: \(seriesInfo.formattedXValue.rawString!)\n” if let seriesName = seriesInfo.seriesName { string += “\(seriesName)\n” } string += “Rollover Modifier” self.text = string; setTooltipBackground(0xffe2460c); setTooltipStroke(0xffff4500); setTooltipTextColor(0xffffffff); } } override func getSeriesTooltipInternal(with seriesInfo: SCIXySeriesInfo!, modifierType: AnyClass!) -> ISCISeriesTooltip! { if (modifierType == SCIRolloverModifier.self) { return FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip(seriesInfo: seriesInfo) } else { return super.getSeriesTooltipInternal(with: seriesInfo, modifierType: modifierType) } } } … let line1 = SCIFastLineRenderableSeries() line1.seriesInfoProvider = FirstCustomSeriesInfoProvider()
class FirstCustomSeriesInfoProvider : SCIDefaultXySeriesInfoProvider { class FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip : SCIXySeriesTooltip { public FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip(SCIXySeriesInfo seriesInfo) : base(seriesInfo) { } protected override void InternalUpdate(SCISeriesInfo seriesInfo) { var xySeriesInfo = (SCIXySeriesInfo)seriesInfo; var str = string.Empty; str += “X: ” + xySeriesInfo.FormattedXValue.RawString + “\n”; str += “Y: ” + xySeriesInfo.FormattedYValue.RawString + “\n”; if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(xySeriesInfo.SeriesName)) { str += xySeriesInfo.SeriesName + “\n”; } str += “Rollover Modifier”; Text = str; SetTooltipBackground(0xffe2460c); SetTooltipStroke(0xffff4500); SetTooltipTextColor(0xffffffff); } } protected override IISCISeriesTooltip GetSeriesTooltipInternal(SCISeriesInfo seriesInfo, Class modifierType) { if (modifierType == typeof(SCIRolloverModifier).ToClass()) { return new FirstCustomXySeriesTooltip((SCIXySeriesInfo)seriesInfo); } else { return base.GetSeriesTooltipInternal(seriesInfo, modifierType); } } } … var line1 = new SCIFastLineRenderableSeries(); line1.SeriesInfoProvider = new FirstCustomSeriesInfoProvider();

NOTE: A custom Tooltip has to implement the ISCISeriesTooltip or extend the SCISeriesTooltipBase class, which is derived from UILabel.

Customization of Tooltip Modifier Tooltips

Customization Tooltip Modifier

NOTE: Full example source code is available in 2D Charts -> Tooltips and Hit Test -> Customization TooltipModifier

Customization of Cursor Modifier Tooltips

Customization Cursor Modifier

NOTE: Full example sources is available in 2D Charts -> Tooltips and Hit Test -> Customization CursorModifier

Axis Tooltips Customization

Axes tooltips for modifiers are customized the same way as Series Tooltips - via custom SCIAxisTooltip and ISCIAxisInfoProvider. Please see the code below, which is from the same Customization RolloverModifier example:

#import <SciChart/SCIAxisTooltip+Protected.h> #import <SciChart/SCIDefaultAxisInfoProvider+Protected.h> @interface CustomRolloverAxisTooltip : SCIAxisTooltip @end @implementation CustomRolloverAxisTooltip - (BOOL)updateInternalWithAxisInfo:(SCIAxisInfo *)axisInfo { self.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@“Axis ID: %@\nValue: %@”, axisInfo.axisId, axisInfo.axisFormattedDataValue.rawString]; [self setTooltipBackground:0xff6495ed]; return YES; } @end @interface CustomRolloverAxisSeriesInfoProvider : SCIDefaultAxisInfoProvider @end @implementation CustomRolloverAxisSeriesInfoProvider - (id<ISCIAxisTooltip>)getAxisTooltipInternal:(SCIAxisInfo *)axisInfo modifierType:(Class)modifierType { if (modifierType == SCIRolloverModifier.class) { return [[CustomRolloverAxisTooltip alloc] initWithAxisInfo:axisInfo]; } else { return [super getAxisTooltipInternal:axisInfo modifierType:modifierType]; } } @end … id xAxis = [SCINumericAxis new]; xAxis.axisInfoProvider = [CustomRolloverAxisSeriesInfoProvider new];
import SciChart.Protected.SCIDefaultAxisInfoProvider import SciChart.Protected.SCIAxisTooltip private class CustomAxisSeriesInfoProvider: SCIDefaultAxisInfoProvider { class CustomAxisTooltip: SCIAxisTooltip { override func updateInternal(with axisInfo: SCIAxisInfo!) -> Bool { self.text = “Axis ID: \(axisInfo.axisId ?? ”“) \nValue: \(axisInfo.axisFormattedDataValue?.rawString ?? ”“)” setTooltipBackground(0xff6495ed) return true } } override func getAxisTooltipInternal(_ axisInfo: SCIAxisInfo!, modifierType: AnyClass!) -> ISCIAxisTooltip! { if modifierType == SCIRolloverModifier.self { return CustomAxisTooltip(axisInfo: axisInfo) } else { return super.getAxisTooltipInternal(axisInfo, modifierType: modifierType) } } } … let xAxis = SCINumericAxis() xAxis.axisInfoProvider = CustomAxisSeriesInfoProvider()
class CustomAxisSeriesInfoProvider : SCIDefaultAxisInfoProvider { class CustomAxisTooltip : SCIAxisTooltip { public CustomAxisTooltip(SCIAxisInfo axisInfo) : base(axisInfo) { } protected override bool UpdateInternal(SCIAxisInfo axisInfo) { Text = $“Axis ID: {axisInfo.AxisId ?? ”“} \nValue: {axisInfo.AxisFormattedDataValue.RawString ?? ”“}”; SetTooltipBackground(0xff6495ed); return true; } } protected override IISCIAxisTooltip GetAxisTooltipInternal(SCIAxisInfo axisInfo, Class modifierType) { if (modifierType == typeof(SCIRolloverModifier).ToClass()) { return new CustomAxisTooltip(axisInfo); } else { return base.GetAxisTooltipInternal(axisInfo, modifierType); } } } … var xAxis = new SCINumericAxis(); xAxis.AxisInfoProvider = new CustomAxisSeriesInfoProvider();

Custom Axis Tooltip