SciChart iOS v2.x API > ChartModifier API > Zooming and Panning > SCIPinchZoomModifier

SciChart features multi-touch zooming via the SCIPinchZoomModifier. To enable pinch zooming, simply add a SCIPinchZoomModifier to your SciChartSurface.ChartModifier.

Examples for the PinchZoomModifier can be found in the SciChart iOS Examples Suite.

SCIPinchZoomModifier * pzm = [[SCIPinchZoomModifier alloc] init];
[pzm setModifierName:@"PinchZoom Modifier"];
[surface.chartModifiers add: pzm];
let pinchZoomModifier = SCIPinchZoomModifier()
pinchZoomModifier.modifierName = “PinchZoomModifierName”

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