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The SciChart iOS Examples Suite

The SciChart iOS SDK contains a rich interactive examples application with the following features:

  • Approximately 60+ Rich examples showcasing the features of SciChart iOS Charts
  • Search keying on tag, example title, description and source-code
  • View / copy source in the example application
  • Export example to stand-alone Xcode project

Visit www.scichart.com/ios-chart-examples to see the full list, or download the SciChart iOS Examples app from the App Store.

Getting the Examples Suite

There are a few ways of getting SciChart iOS Examples Suite:

Building the SciChart iOS Examples Suite (Swift)

To help you build the SciChart iOS Examples Suite, we've created a video below that walks you through the steps.


Applying a License Key to the Examples Suite

Note that you will have to apply a license key to the examples to get them to run. You can get a trial license key from your account page.

For more info on licensing, see Licensing SciChart iOS.

Build and Run the Examples Suite

Now let's try to Build & Run the Demo application. You can easily do that with shortcut Cmd-B and Cmd-R. If everything is okay you should see this view on your device screen.

Now you can navigate through the Examples Suite. The application itself has a lot useful features for you. You can not only take a look at  each particular example, but also see the code, share the project or configure the example.


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