SciChart iOS v2.x Class API Documentation

The following pages are autogenerated class API documentation for the SciChart iOS Charting Control Library.

The main documentation with how-to guides can be found at under the iOS Charting Library, by clicking on Documentation

Navigating the API Docs

  • Use the search in the top-right to search for a type, e.g. try SCIChartSurface, or SCIDataSeries
  • You can browse the Properties, Functions of the type and documentation comments
  • You can view the headers of a type by clicking on the header definition e.g. SCIChartSurface.h
  • You can browse types grouped by 'module' in the treeview on the left, e.g. ChartModifiers

Tutorials and How-To Guides

For how-to guides please see the iOS Chart v2.x User Manual which is hosted separately.

We now have a set of Tutorials hosted which you can find at this web address and also the full source code for tutorials on Github.

iOS Chart Examples and Showcase applications can also be found on the same Github repo.

Tech support, or feedback!

For licensed customers of SciChart iOS, you can access tech support via the helpdesk.

Or, to submit feedback or a bug report, please email bug-report [at] scichart [dot] com

Happy coding!

Best regards, [SciChart Team]