SCIChartModifierBase Class Reference

#import <SCIChartModifierBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for SCIChartModifierBase:
<SCIChartModifierProtocol> SCIGestureModifier SCILegendModifier SCIPieLegendModifier SCIAnnotationCreationModifier SCICursorModifier SCIPanModifier SCIPieSelectionModifier SCIPieTooltipModifier SCIRelativeZoomModifierBase SCIRolloverModifier SCISeriesSelectionModifier SCITooltipModifier SCIZoomExtentsModifier

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIChartModifierProtocol>
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - xAxis
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - yAxis
(SCIAxisCollection *) - xAxes
(SCIAxisCollection *) - yAxes
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - getXAxis:
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - getYAxis:
(void) - resetInertia
(void) - draw
(void) - onAttached
(void) - onDetached
- Properties inherited from <SCIChartModifierProtocol>
id< SCIChartSurfaceProtocolparentSurface
BOOL isAttached
BOOL isEnabled
NSString * modifierName
BOOL autoPassAreaCheck

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