SCICursorModifier Class Reference

The SCICursorModifier class. More...

#import <SCICursorModifier.h>

Inheritance diagram for SCICursorModifier:
SCIGestureModifier <SCIThemeableProtocol> SCIChartModifierBase <SCIGestureEventsHandlerProtocol> <SCIChartModifierProtocol>

Instance Methods

(SCIHitTestInfo) - hitTestWithProvider:Location:Radius:onData:hitTestMode:
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIChartModifierProtocol>
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - xAxis
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - yAxis
(SCIAxisCollection *) - xAxes
(SCIAxisCollection *) - yAxes
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - getXAxis:
(id< SCIAxis2DProtocol >) - getYAxis:
(void) - resetInertia
(void) - draw
(void) - onAttached
(void) - onDetached
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIGestureEventsHandlerProtocol>
(BOOL) - pointWithinBounds:
(BOOL) - onTapGesture:At:
(BOOL) - onPanGesture:At:
(BOOL) - onPinchGesture:At:
(BOOL) - onDoubleTapGesture:At:
(BOOL) - onTapGestureToCancelAnimation:At:
(BOOL) - onTouchesBegan:withEvent:
(BOOL) - onTouchesEnded:withEvent:
(BOOL) - onTouchesCancelled:withEvent:
(BOOL) - onTouchesMoved:withEvent:
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIThemeableProtocol>
(void) - applyThemeProvider:
 Applies specified theme to current instance. More...


SCICursorModifierStyle * style
 The SCICursorModifier class' property. More...
double hitTestRadius
 The SCICursorModifier class' property. More...
SCICursorModifierBehaviourEnum behaviour
 The SCICursorModifier class' property. More...
BOOL tooltipInteractionStarted
- Properties inherited from <SCIChartModifierProtocol>
id< SCIChartSurfaceProtocolparentSurface
BOOL isAttached
BOOL isEnabled
NSString * modifierName
BOOL autoPassAreaCheck

Detailed Description

The SCICursorModifier class.

@discussion Provides a cross-hairs (curosr) plus tooltip with X,Y data values under the touch gestures.

Method Documentation

◆ hitTestWithProvider:Location:Radius:onData:hitTestMode:()

- (SCIHitTestInfo) hitTestWithProvider: (__unsafe_unretained id< SCIHitTestProviderProtocol >)  provider
Location: (CGPoint)  location
Radius: (double)  radius
onData: (id< SCIRenderPassDataProtocol >)  data
hitTestMode: (SCIHitTestMode)  hitTestMode 

Property Documentation

◆ behaviour

- (SCICursorModifierBehaviourEnum) behaviour

The SCICursorModifier class' property.

@discussion Defines modifier's reaction on touches and gestures

See also

◆ hitTestRadius

- (double) hitTestRadius

The SCICursorModifier class' property.

@discussion A radius used in the method for interpolation.

◆ style

- (SCICursorModifierStyle*) style

The SCICursorModifier class' property.

@discussion Gets or sets the CursorModifier Style property.

◆ tooltipInteractionStarted

- (BOOL) tooltipInteractionStarted

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