SCICustomRenderableSeries Class Reference

#import <SCICustomRenderableSeries.h>

Inheritance diagram for SCICustomRenderableSeries:
SCIRenderableSeriesBase <SCIRenderableSeriesProtocol> <SCIThemeableProtocol> <SCIDrawableProtocol>

Instance Methods

(SCISeriesInfo *) - toSeriesInfoWithHitTest:
(id< SCIHitTestProviderProtocol >) - hitTestProvider
(UIColor *) - seriesColor
(void) - internalDrawWithContext:WithData:
 Method that implements renderable series drawing. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from SCIRenderableSeriesBase
(BOOL) - isValidForDrawing
 If method returns false renderable series is not valid for drawing. More...
(float) - getDatapointWidthFrom:Amount:Calculator:WidthFraction:
 Returns data point width in pixels @discussion For internal use. More...
(void) - iterationInRenderPassData:withBlock:
 Method that iterates through data points @discussion For internal use @params renderPassData SCIRenderPassData contains all data required for drawing. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIRenderableSeriesProtocol>
(void) - addAnimation:
 The SCIRenderableSeriesProtocol class' property. More...
(void) - removeAnimation:
 Remove animation from queue, All animations automatically are removed from queue when they are finished, only repeatable animations are left. More...
(BOOL) - isValidForUpdate
 Checks whether this series is valid for update. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIDrawableProtocol>
(void) - onDrawAnimationWithContext:
(void) - onDrawWithContext:WithData:
(void) - prepareForDrawing
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIThemeableProtocol>
(void) - applyThemeProvider:
 Applies specified theme to current instance. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SCIRenderableSeriesBase
id< SCIPointSeriesProtocol_previousPointSeries

Method Documentation

◆ hitTestProvider()

- (id<SCIHitTestProviderProtocol>) hitTestProvider

◆ internalDrawWithContext:WithData:()

- (void) internalDrawWithContext: (id< SCIRenderContext2DProtocol >)  renderContext
WithData: (id< SCIRenderPassDataProtocol >)  renderPassData 

Method that implements renderable series drawing.

@discussion For internal use. Method is called during render loop, at the beginning of renderable series drawing @params renderContext SCIRenderContext2D openGL drawing context where renderable series should be drawn @params renderPassData SCIRenderPassData contains all data required for drawing. Usually it is equal to "currentRenderPassData"

See also

Implements SCIRenderableSeriesBase.

◆ seriesColor()

- (UIColor *) seriesColor

◆ toSeriesInfoWithHitTest:()

- (SCISeriesInfo*) toSeriesInfoWithHitTest: (SCIHitTestInfo)  info

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