SCIFastOhlcRenderableSeries Class Reference

The SCIFastOhlcRenderableSeries class. More...

#import <SCIFastOhlcRenderableSeries.h>

Inheritance diagram for SCIFastOhlcRenderableSeries:
SCIRenderableSeriesBase <SCIThemeableProtocol> <SCIRenderableSeriesProtocol> <SCIThemeableProtocol> <SCIDrawableProtocol>

Instance Methods

(void) - addAnimation:
 Make the series animatable. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from SCIRenderableSeriesBase
(BOOL) - isValidForDrawing
 If method returns false renderable series is not valid for drawing. More...
(float) - getDatapointWidthFrom:Amount:Calculator:WidthFraction:
 Returns data point width in pixels @discussion For internal use. More...
(void) - internalDrawWithContext:WithData:
 Method that implements renderable series drawing. More...
(void) - iterationInRenderPassData:withBlock:
 Method that iterates through data points @discussion For internal use @params renderPassData SCIRenderPassData contains all data required for drawing. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIRenderableSeriesProtocol>
(void) - addAnimation:
 The SCIRenderableSeriesProtocol class' property. More...
(void) - removeAnimation:
 Remove animation from queue, All animations automatically are removed from queue when they are finished, only repeatable animations are left. More...
(BOOL) - isValidForUpdate
 Checks whether this series is valid for update. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIDrawableProtocol>
(void) - onDrawAnimationWithContext:
(void) - onDrawWithContext:WithData:
(void) - prepareForDrawing
- Instance Methods inherited from <SCIThemeableProtocol>
(void) - applyThemeProvider:
 Applies specified theme to current instance. More...


SCIOhlcSeriesStyle * style
 Get or set style for visual customization. More...
SCIOhlcSeriesStyle * selectedStyle
 Gets or sets selected series style @discussion If set to nil selected style is default series style. More...
double dataPointWidth

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SCIRenderableSeriesBase
id< SCIPointSeriesProtocol_previousPointSeries

Detailed Description

The SCIFastOhlcRenderableSeries class.

@discussion Provides Open-High-Low-Close series rendering where each data point displayed as vertical line from high to low value with marks at open and close values. @discussion OHLC series has two color schemes for Up and Down mode. If open value is higher than close, data point is drawn in Down mode, else in Up mode

Designed to work with SCIOhlcDataSeries as data container
For styling provide or customize SCIOhlcSeriesStyle
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Method Documentation

◆ addAnimation:()

- (void) addAnimation: (id< SCIOhlcRenderableSeriesAnimationProtocol >)  animation

Make the series animatable.

After adding animation and then change data series of the renderable series make new data appear with animation. It is not thread safe method. It should be called only from main thread.

renderableSeries.addAnimation(SCIScaleRenderableSeriesAnimation(duration: 5, curveAnimation: SCIAnimationCurveEaseOut))
renderableSeries.dataSeries = newDataSeries
animationsome base animation object which implements SCIOhlcRenderableSeriesAnimationProtocol.

Property Documentation

◆ dataPointWidth

- (double) dataPointWidth

◆ selectedStyle

- (SCIOhlcSeriesStyle*) selectedStyle

Gets or sets selected series style @discussion If set to nil selected style is default series style.

◆ strokeDownStyle

- (SCIPenStyle*) strokeDownStyle

◆ strokeUpStyle

- (SCIPenStyle*) strokeUpStyle

◆ style

- (SCIOhlcSeriesStyle*) style

Get or set style for visual customization.

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