WPF Charting Documentation - SciChart WPF Charts SDK v5.x

SciChart features multi-touch zooming via the PinchZoomModifier. To enable pinch zooming, simply add a PinchZoomModifier to your SciChartSurface.ChartModifier.

Declaring a PinchZoomModifier in XAML

Declaring a PinchZoomModifier
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<!-- where xmlns:s="http://schemas.abtsoftware.co.uk/scichart" -->
         <s:PinchZoomModifier XyDirection="XYDirection"/>

Declaring a PinchZoomModifier in Code

Declaring a PinchZoomModifier
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var sciChartSurface = new SciChartSurface();
sciChartSurface.ChartModifier = new ModifierGroup(new PinchZoomModifier());



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