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BaseGridDataSeries3D<TX,TY,TZ> Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by BaseGridDataSeries3D<TX,TY,TZ>.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorBaseGridDataSeries3D<TX,TY,TZ> ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the BaseGridDataSeries3D<T> class.  
Public Fields
Public FieldSyncRootGets an object for thread synchronization purposes (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Protected Fields
Protected Field_gridData  
Protected Field_isDirty  
Protected Field_yRangeCached  
Protected Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)XMath  
Protected Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)YMath  
Protected Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)ZMath  
Public Properties
Public PropertyInternalArrayAccesses the internal array, which is a rectangular array indexed by Z then X  
Public PropertyIsDirtyOverridden. Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is dirty. If dirty, any cached data must be re-calculated. You can set this value to True to force recalculation of caches.  
Public PropertyIsSuspendedGets a value indicating whether updates for the target are currently suspended. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public PropertyItemReturns the Y-value at index Z,X  
Public PropertyParentSurfaceGets or sets the parent SciChart.Charting3D.ISciChart3DSurface which this IDataSeries3D instance is attached to. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public PropertySeriesNameGets or sets the name of this series. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public PropertySyncRootGets an object for thread synchronization purposes  
Public PropertyXRangeOverridden. Gets the total extents of the IDataSeries3D in the X direction.  
Public PropertyXSizeGets the X-Size of the Grid  
Public PropertyYRangeOverridden. Gets the total extents of the IDataSeries3D in the Y direction.  
Public PropertyZRangeOverridden. Gets the total extents of the IDataSeries3D in the Z direction.  
Public PropertyZSizeGets the Y-Size of the grid  
Public Methods
Public MethodClearOverloaded. Overridden. Clears the DataSeries.  
Public MethodCopyFromOverloaded. Fills the BaseGridDataSeries3D from a SciChart.Data.Model.GridData<T> type.  
Public MethodDecrementSuspendCalled by IUpdateSuspender each time a target suspender is disposed. When the final target suspender has been disposed, DataSeries3D.ResumeUpdates is called. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public MethodGetBoundsGets the bounding box for the data (containing DataSeries3D.XRange, DataSeries3D.YRange, DataSeries3D.ZRange). (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public MethodGetRowAtReturns the row at the specified Z Index  
Public MethodGetXComputes the X data-value at the specified index  
Public MethodGetZComputes the Z data-value at the specified index  
Public MethodInvalidateParentSurfaceMay be called to trigger a redraw on the parent SciChart.Charting3D.SciChart3DSurface. This method is extremely useful when IDataSeries3D are in a ViewModel and bound via MVVM to SciChart.Charting3D.RenderableSeries.IRenderableSeries3D. Please see the rangeMode parameter for invalidation options. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public MethodOnDataSeriesChangedRaises the DataSeries3D.DataSeriesChanged event. May be called by DataSeries3D or by user code to trigger a redraw on the ParentSurface. The event is not raised while SciChart.Core.Framework.ISuspendable.IsSuspended is True. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public MethodPushRowPushes a row into the array, which discards one old row in a First In First Out fashion. use this method to scroll the GridData in the Z-direction  
Public MethodResumeUpdatesResumes updates on the target, intended to be called by SciChart.Core.Framework.IUpdateSuspender. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public MethodSetRowAtSets the row at the specified Z index  
Public MethodSuspendUpdatesSuspends drawing updates on the target until the returned object is disposed, when a final draw call will be issued. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
Public MethodTo2DArrayCreates a new 2-Dimensional array and fills with values. This can be used for debugging purposes or for interop with other types. Changing the values here does *not* change the GridPointSeries3D  
Public MethodToPointSeries<TPointSeries>Overridden. Converts a DataSeries to a IPointSeries3D derived type, for use during the render pass.  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToEnumerable<T>Yields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension MethodToStringArray2D<T>
Public Events
Public EventDataSeriesChangedEvent raised whenever points are added to, removed or one or more DataSeries3D properties changes, requiring a redraw of the parent SciChartSurface. (Inherited from SciChart.Charting3D.Model.DataSeries3D)
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