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HistoryStack<T> Class Methods

For a list of all members of this type, see HistoryStack<T> members.

Public Methods
Public MethodAnyDetermines whether a sequence contains any elements.  
Public MethodCanRedoReports the value indicating wether it is possible to perform the Redo operation.  
Public MethodCanUndoReports the value indicating wether it is possible to perform the Undo operation.  
Public MethodClearClears history  
Public MethodGetFullHistoryReturns full history of type T  
Public MethodPushPushes a new item to HistoryStack<T> and returnt RedoStack if it wasn't empty.  
Public MethodRedoPerforms the selection of the item used before the Undo operation.  
Public MethodUndoPerforms the selection of the previously used item  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToEnumerable<T>Yields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension MethodToStringArray2D<T>
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