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MultiBindingCompatible Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by MultiBindingCompatible.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorMultiBindingCompatible Constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBindingGroupNameGets or sets the name of the System.Windows.Data.BindingGroup to which this binding belongs. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.BindingBase)
Public PropertyBindingsGets the collection of System.Windows.Data.Binding objects within this System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding instance. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyConverterGets or sets the converter to use to convert the source values to or from the target value. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyConverterCultureGets or sets the System.Globalization.CultureInfo object that applies to any converter assigned to bindings wrapped by the System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding or on the System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding itself. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyConverterParameterGets or sets an optional parameter to pass to a converter as additional information. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyDelayGets or sets the amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait before updating the binding source after the value on the target changes. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.BindingBase)
Public PropertyFallbackValueGets or sets the value to use when the binding is unable to return a value. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.BindingBase)
Public PropertyModeGets or sets a value that indicates the direction of the data flow of this binding. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyNotifyOnSourceUpdatedGets or sets a value that indicates whether to raise the System.Windows.FrameworkElement.SourceUpdated event when a value is transferred from the binding target to the binding source. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyNotifyOnTargetUpdatedGets or sets a value that indicates whether to raise the System.Windows.FrameworkElement.TargetUpdated event when a value is transferred from the binding source to the binding target. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyNotifyOnValidationErrorGets or sets a value that indicates whether to raise the System.Windows.Controls.Validation.Error attached event on the bound element. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyStringFormatGets or sets a string that specifies how to format the binding if it displays the bound value as a string. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.BindingBase)
Public PropertyTargetNullValueGets or sets the value that is used in the target when the value of the source is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic). (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.BindingBase)
Public PropertyUpdateSourceExceptionFilterGets or sets a handler you can use to provide custom logic for handling exceptions that the binding engine encounters during the update of the binding source value. This is only applicable if you have associated the System.Windows.Controls.ExceptionValidationRule with your System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding object. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyUpdateSourceTriggerGets or sets a value that determines the timing of binding source updates. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyValidatesOnDataErrorsGets or sets a value that indicates whether to include the System.Windows.Controls.DataErrorValidationRule. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyValidatesOnExceptionsGets or sets a value that indicates whether to include the System.Windows.Controls.ExceptionValidationRule. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyValidatesOnNotifyDataErrorsGets or sets a value that indicates whether to include the System.Windows.Controls.NotifyDataErrorValidationRule. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public PropertyValidationRulesGets the collection of System.Windows.Controls.ValidationRule objects for this instance of System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.MultiBinding)
Public Methods
Public MethodProvideValueReturns an object that should be set on the property where this binding and extension are applied. (Inherited from System.Windows.Data.BindingBase)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToEnumerable<T>Yields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension MethodToStringArray2D<T>
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