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IntVector Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by IntVector.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorIntVector ConstructorOverloaded.   
Protected Fields
Protected FieldswigCMemOwn  
Public Properties
Public PropertyCapacity  
Public PropertyCount  
Public PropertyIsFixedSize  
Public PropertyIsReadOnly  
Public PropertyIsSynchronized  
Public PropertyItem  
Public Methods
Public MethodAdd  
Public MethodAddRange  
Public MethodClear  
Public MethodContains  
Public MethodCopyToOverloaded.   
Public MethodDispose  
Public MethodGetEnumerator  
Public MethodGetRange  
Public MethodIndexOf  
Public MethodInsert  
Public MethodInsertRange  
Public MethodLastIndexOf  
Public MethodRemove  
Public MethodRemoveAt  
Public MethodRemoveRange  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Repeat  
Public MethodReverseOverloaded.   
Public MethodSetRange  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodFinalizeAllows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodAddIfNotContains<T>Adds an item to a list if it does not already contain it
Public Extension MethodFindIndexOverloaded. Finds the index of the item in the List according to the desired SearchMode. If isSorted is true, uses fast binary search
Public Extension MethodForEachDoOverloaded. Iterates over the list and performs an action on each element
Public Extension MethodIndexOf<T>Searches for the specified object and returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence within the entire
Public Extension MethodIsEmpty<T>Determines whether this list is empty.
Public Extension MethodIsNullOrEmpty<T>Determines whether this is a is null or empty list
Public Extension MethodRemoveIfContains<T>Removes an item from a list if it contains the item
Public Extension MethodRemoveWhere<T>Removes items from the list that match a predicate
Public Extension MethodSafeDisposeChecks for null and if not null, calls Dispose
Public Extension MethodToDoubleArrayOverloaded. Converts an System.IComparable array to double array
Public Extension MethodToEnumerable<T>Yields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension MethodToStringArray<T>Outputs a List as a Comma separated string. Used for debug purposes
Public Extension MethodToStringArray2D<T>
Public Extension MethodToUncheckedList<T>
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