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Values<T> Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by Values<T>.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorValues<T> ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyCapacityGets or sets the size of Items array NOTE. If new capacity is less than current capacity then new value is ignored  
Public PropertyCountGets or sets the number of values contained in this Values<T> instance  
Public PropertyItemGets or sets the value at the specified index.  
Public PropertyItemsGets the array with value for direct unchecked access NOTE: The length of array may differ from the count of the Values. Use Count when iterating  
Public Methods
Public MethodClearClears content of this Values<T> instance  
Public MethodGetEnumeratorReturns an enumerator that iterates through values.  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodForEachDoOverloaded. Iterates over the list and performs an action on each element
Public Extension MethodIndexOf<T>Searches for the specified object and returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence within the entire
Public Extension MethodIsEmpty<T>Determines whether this list is empty.
Public Extension MethodIsNullOrEmpty<T>Determines whether this is a is null or empty list
Public Extension MethodToEnumerable<T>Yields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension MethodToStringArray2D<T>
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