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The Scatter 3D Chart Type

3D Scatter Charts are provided by the ScatterRenderableSeries3D type, which requires a PointMarker.



The ScatterRenderableSeries3D supports multiple pointmarkers, including:

3D Marker Types

Fast 2D Marker types

Declaring a 3D Scatter Series

To declare a 3D Scatter Series with PointMarker use the following code:

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<s3D:SciChart3DSurface x:Name="SciChart"
        <s3D:Camera3D ZoomToFitOnAttach="True" />
        <s3D:ScatterRenderableSeries3D x:Name="ScatterSeries3D">
                <s3D:EllipsePointMarker3D Fill="LimeGreen" Size="2.0" Opacity="1"/>
        <s3D:NumericAxis3D GrowBy="0.1,0.1" />
        <s3D:NumericAxis3D GrowBy="0.1,0.1" />
        <s3D:NumericAxis3D GrowBy="0.1,0.1" />


Code Behind
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private void OnLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs routedEventArgs)
    var xyzDataSeries3D = new XyzDataSeries3D<double>();
    for (var i = 0; i < Count; i++)
        var x = DataManager.Instance.GetGaussianRandomNumber(5, 1.5);
        var y = DataManager.Instance.GetGaussianRandomNumber(5, 1.5);
        var z = DataManager.Instance.GetGaussianRandomNumber(5, 1.5);
        xyzDataSeries3D.Append(x, y, z);
    ScatterSeries3D.DataSeries = xyzDataSeries3D;
    PointMarkerCombo.SelectedIndex = 0;

NOTE: You can also declare RenderableSeries using full MVVM (series ViewModels) using the SeriesBinding MarkupExtension. Please see MVVM DataSeries / RenderableSeries API for more details.


Coloring Individual Scatter Points

Scatter points may be colored or scaled individually using the PointMetada3D API. To do this, set a PointMetada3D instance at the data-point as follows:


Example Title
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xyzDataSeries3D.Append(x, y, z, new PointMetadata3D(Colors.Blue, 1.0d));



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