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Worked Example - PaletteProviders in MVVM

Worked Example: PaletteProviders in MVVM

PaletteProviders are covered in detail in Paletted Series. Declaring a PaletteProvider in MVVM can be done via a Style or in the ViewModel. Since PaletteProviders are simply Plain CLR Objects we would recommend creating them in the ViewModel.

PaletteProviders in MVVM
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// Declare a LineRenderableSeries with a PaletteProvider
SeriesViewModels.Add(new LineRenderableSeriesViewModel()
   DataSeries = _xyData,
   StyleKey = "LineSeriesStyle0" ,
   PaletteProvider = new MyCustomPaletteProvider,

// Where MyCustomPaletteProvider is defined as
public class MyCustomPaletteProvider : IStrokePaletteProvider
       private XyDataSeries<double, double> _theSourceData;

       public void OnBeginSeriesDraw(IRenderableSeries series)
             // OnBeginSeriesDraw is a good place to cache dataseries
             _theSourceData = (XyDataSeries<double, double>) series.DataSeries;

       public Color? OverrideStrokeColor(IRenderableSeries series,
                              int index, IPointMetadata metadata)
             if (_theSourceData.YValues[index] > 0.5)
                return Colors.Red;
             return null;       




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