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Android Multi Pane Stock Charts

The Multi-Pane Stock Charts example demonstrates creating a static multi-panel stock chart with Volume and Indicator panes. All charts are synchronized by setting the same VisibleRange […]

Android Chart Load One Million Points Instantly

This demo showcases the loading or startup time of SciChart by appending one million points to the chart and rendering in under 100ms! Example Usage Click […]

Android Chart Legends

Generates a simple line chart with a Chart Legend. To create a Legend, add a LegendModifier to the ChartModifierCollection of SciChartSurface. It aggregates and exposes series […]

Android Chart Interactive Annotations

Demonstrates how you may interact with annotations that have been placed on a chart, using the Annotations API. Annotation Types Include – AxisMarkerAnnotation– BoxAnnotation– CustomAnnotation– HorizontalLineAnnotation– […]