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WPF 3D Chart ThemeManager Example

SciChart3D Ships with 8 stunning themes, which you can apply to your charts with a single line of code. This example showcases the themes, and how […]

WPF 3D Chart Surface Mesh Plot Example

Demonstrates the basics of the UniformGridDataSeries3D and SurfaceMeshRenderableSeries3D. This versatile type allows rendering of 3D surfaces / terrain / grids / spectrogram and heatmaps which could […]

WPF 3D Chart Data-Point Selection Example

SciChart3D now natively supports selection of data-points via the VertexSelectionModifier3D. This is a ChartModifier3D derived type which can be added to the SciChart3DSurface via the SciChart3DSurface.ChartModifier […]

WPF 3D Scatter Chart Example

The 3D Scatter chart is defined by the XyzDataSeries3D and the ScatterRenderableSeries3D. Scatter points can be colored individually, programmatically selected and scaled using the PointMetadata3D class. […]