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scichart wpf 3d chart example of cylindroid 3d mesh chart

WPF 3D Simple Cylindroid Chart Example

The Cylindroid 3D chart demo shows how to use CylindroidDataSeries3D and the FreeSurfaceRenderableSeries3D to render 3d ellipsoid. FreeSurfaceRenderableSeries3D allows you to create all kinds of shapes, […]

WPF 3D Bubble Chart Example

The 3D Bubble chart demo shows how to use XyzDataSeries3D and the ScatterRenderableSeries3D to render 3d bubbles. Bubbles can be colored individually, programmatically selected and scaled […]

WPF 3D Chart Add Remove Data Series Example

This example demonstrates how to add or remove DataSeries from a SciChart3DSurface in code. This is achieved by changing the SciChart3DSurface.RenderableSeries collection at runtime. Click ‘ADD’ […]

WPF 3D Chart Tooltips Example

Demonstrates how to add Tooltips to a 3D Chart by using the TooltipModifier3D Type. This ChartModifier3D can be added to the SciChart3DSurface via the SciChart3DSurface.ChartModifier property, […]