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WPF 3D Chart Logarithmic Axis Example

This example demonstrates X,Y or Z Logarithmic Axis axis in SciChart 3D. Click the controls to change state. Example Usage – Drag to zoom – Double […]
scichart wpf 3d chart example of closed mesh chart

WPF 3D Closed Mesh Chart Example

The Closed Mesh 3D chart demo shows how to use CustomFreeSurfaceDataSeries3D and the FreeSurfaceRenderableSeries3D to render closed 3d mesh. FreeSurfaceRenderableSeries3D allows you to create all kinds […]

WPF Axis Binding MVVM 3D

Demonstrates how to use MVVM to databind IRednerableSeriesViewModel to RenderableSeries on SciChartSurface using the new SeriesBinding Markup Extension, which forms part of the MVVM API in […]

WPF Add Objects To a 3D Chart

This 3D Chart demo shows how to add Wavefront *.obj files to the SciChart3DSurface using our BaseSceneEntity type Entities may be added to the SciChart3DSurface.Viewport3D.RootEntity, which […]