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WPF Candlestick Chart

Demonstrates a multi-series chart using the FastCandlestickRenderableSeries with three FastLineRenderableSeries showing the moving average of the closing price. The example uses the CategoryDateTimeAxis which collapses overnight […]

WPF Bubble Chart

Generates a line and bubble series chart in code. The FastBubbleRenderableSeries requires an XyzDataSeries, which contains one Z-value per X-Y point. Bubble sizes can be scaled […]

WPF Chart Box Plot

Demonstrates how to use the BoxPlotDataSeries and FastBoxPlotRenderableSeries to display statistical data. Documentation Links – FastBoxPlotRenderableSeries Type – BoxPlotDataSeries Type – What is a RenderableSeries? – […]

WPF Band Series Chart

Generates a simple Band Series chart in code. The FastBandRenderableSeries requires an XyyDataSeries, which contains one X-point and two Y-points. Dual lines are drawn by Stroke, […]