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Android 3D Uniform Impulse Series

This examples shows how to use ImpulseRenderableSeries3D and UniformGridDataSeries3D to create a Uniform Impulse (Stem) 3D Android Chart. A stem chart is visualised as small stems […]

Android 3D Uniform Column Chart

In SciChart Android 3D Column Charts are provided by the ColumnRenderableSeries3D type. This example shows how to use this type and UniformGridDataSeries3D for an NxM array […]

Android 3D Sparse Impulse Series

This example demonstrates rendering 3D Sparse Impulse Chart in SciChart Android 3D. To create Android 3D Impulse or Stem Charts SciChart Android provides ImpulseRenderableSeries3D type that […]

Android 3D Sparse Column Chart

Demonstrates how to use ColumnRenderableSeries3D type and create a 3D Sparse Column Chart in SciChart Android. The ColumnRenderableSeries3D accepts either XyzDataSeries3D for sparse points, or UniformGridDataSeries3D […]