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Android 3D Sparse Column Chart

Demonstrates how to use ColumnRenderableSeries3D type and create a 3D Sparse Column Chart in SciChart Android. The ColumnRenderableSeries3D accepts either XyzDataSeries3D for sparse points, or UniformGridDataSeries3D […]

Android 3D Simple Waterfall Chart

This example demonstrates how to use WaterfallRenderableSeries3D and WaterfallDataSeries3D Type to create the Waterfall Android Chart in 3D with SciChart Android, that renders a two-dimensional array […]

Android 3D Simple Scatter Chart

Demonstrates how to use ScatterRenderableSeries3D type to create a 3D Simple Scatter Chart in SciChart Android. The 3D Scatter Charts are often used in science and […]

Android 3D Simple Polar Chart

This example showcases how to create a Simple 3D Polar Chart in Android with SciChart. Polar 3D Charts are rendered by the PolarDataSeries3D type and FreeSurfaceRenderableSeries3D. […]