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WPF Chart Drag Horizontal Threshold

Demonstrates how a HorizontalLineAnnotation and a FastColumnRenderableSeries can interact in an MVVM example to dynamically color the column-series bars based on the threshold value. Drag the […]

WPF Chart Datapoint Markers

Demonstrates how to use the FastLineRenderableSeries and the Data-Point Markers API to apply fast bitmap-rendered data point markers to a line series. The Point-markers are created […]

WPF Chart Create Annotations Dynamically

Using the AnnotationCreationModifier you can give your users the ability to create annotations dynamically via mouse-clicks. Tips! To create TextAnnotations, AxisMarkerAnnotations, CustomAnnotations, – HorizontalLineAnnotations and – […]

WPF Chart Composite Annotations

Demonstrates the CompositeAnnotations API, which allows combining multiple Annotations or UIElements into a single draggable, selectable element. This example demonstrates how to make a Fibonnacci Retracement, […]