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Android Chart Load One Million Points Instantly

This demo showcases the loading or startup time of SciChart by appending one million points to the chart and rendering in under 100ms! Example Usage Click […]

Android Fan Chart

Demonstrates how to use multiple FastBandRenderableSeries to simulate a Fan Chart. The FastBandRenderableSeries requires an XyyDataSeries, which has X,Y0,Y1 points, to display a solid band between […]

Android Error Bars Chart

Demonstrates how to add Error Bars to an Android Line or Scatter Chart. There are two Error Bar Series types in SciChart Android: – FastErrorBarsRenderableSeries which […]

Android Dashboard Style Charts

Demonstrates the many kinds of Stacked chart (Stacked Mountain, Stacked Column, 100% Stacked Column) available in SciChart’s Android Chart library, and allows changing of data-presentation dynamically. […]