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WPF Chart Histogram Demo

This example demonstrates how to create a Histogram with Labels on columns in SciChart. This is achieved by combining the FastColumnRenderableSeries with a custom modifier which […]

WPF Fast Paletted Scatter Chart Example

The PaletteProvider feature allows you to change color of a scatter point, line segment, mountain segment, OHLC/Candlestick bar or column based on the data-value, or other […]

WPF ECG Monitor Chart Demo

The ECG Monitor Demo showcases a real-time heart-rate monitor. This example uses MVVM and shows how fill a FIFO Series with data, shifting the XAxis.VisibleRange by […]

WPF Chart Discontinuous Axis Demo

The Discontinuous Axis Demo shows how to use a new Axis type – the DiscontinuousDateTimeAxis – which is a DateTime Value Axis (measures X-position by X-value) […]