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WPF Chart Series With Metadata

Demonstrates how to use IPointMetadata with series. The PointMetadata API allows you to tag each data-point with an optional business object. You can do this by […]

WPF Chart Series Selection

Demonstrates the use of the SeriesSelectionModifier, which hooks into the ChartModifier API to select series on mouse-clicks. This complex, but easy to implement example uses many […]

WPF Chart Data-Point Selection

SciChart natively supports selection of data-points via the DataPointSelectionModifier. This is a ChartModifierBase derived class, which is attached to the SciChartSurface.ChartModifier or to a ModifierGroup. Tips! […]

WPF Chart Hit-Test API

Demonstrates the Hit Test API, which can be used to get feedback about clicks on data-points or lines and enable selection, or showing of context menus. […]