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Quickest of the Quick Start Guide

Ok so you’ve downloaded and installed the SciChart WPF SDK Trial. Great! Now what?

Check out this Quickest of the QuickStart Guide below which shows you how to open the Examples Suite and see what SciChart can do.

01 Learning By Example – The Examples Suite


SciChart Installer features a rich examples suite with over 125+ 2D & 3D WPF Chart examples, including full text search, source-code exports and more. You can find out more at the SciChart WPF Examples Suite page.

We also have a full walkthrough of starting and using the Examples Suite in the SciChart Documentation.

02 Learning by Tutorial – The SciChart WPF Tutorials


We now have a full set of tutorials online, to walk you through the basics of getting to know SciChart WPF. These can be found below:

03 Viewing and Exporting Example Source Code

Github-Wpf-ExamplesOur examples suite allows you to not only view source-code but also export individual examples to stand alone Visual Studio project.

If that’s not enough, the entire Examples Suite source-code as well as the tutorials source is is now available on Github as a public repository you can clone.

You can find out more in the page SciChart WPF Examples, Tutorials Source now on Github.

We are also publishing next major versions as an early access preview to this channel.

04 – Ok Great! So Where is the Documentation?

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.25.00All of our documentation is online. Please see the following resources to help you get started.

05 – Great, but I Have a Question about …

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 18.20.32We believe you will not find a better-supported WPF Chart than SciChart!

If you have a question, please try our new Site Search Engine, or, dare we say it, Google! This has been custom-built to search the Forums and Knowledgebase, giving you relevant and accurate search results. There are thousands of pages on the SciChart site with content to search from, so if you have a query about SciChart WPF Tooltips, or SciChart Licensing, just try the search and you should be able to find something useful.

But if that’s not enough, you can Contact us anytime and one of our staff will get back to you. We aim to answer all requests within 1-business day.

Thanks and enjoy!
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