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Getting Started
With SciChart WPF

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Step 0

When you have an account with SciChart, you will get access to these benefits: starting a free trial (no credit card required), downloading SciChart demo SDKs, and accessing technical support and forums.

We will never disclose or share your private details.

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Step 1Download the Examples

We have built over 250 examples on the WPF platform that will help you create amazing mission-critical applications, but most importantly their granularity will help you to learn how to use our WPF charts step by step.

- Read Instructions
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Download the Examples - Please login / register
Step 2Start a trial

In previous versions of SciChart WPF, you could download the DLLs from NuGet or our website at and it would ‘just work’ for 30 days. With the release of SciChart WPF v6 we have introduced a new cross-platform licensing mechanism which is common to all our platforms.

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Step 3Building your first charting app

We now have a full set of tutorials online, to walk you through the basics of getting to know SciChart WPF. These can be found below:

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Building your first charting app - Please login / register

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the documentation?

All of our documentation is online. Please see the following resources to help you get started.


What if I still have a question?

We believe you will not find a better-supported WPF charting library than SciChart!

If you have a question, please try our full site search engine (top of the page), or, dare we say it, Google! This has been custom-built to search the Forums and Knowledgebase, giving you relevant and accurate search results. There are thousands of pages on the SciChart site with content to search from, so if you have a query about SciChart WPF Tooltips or SciChart Licensing, just try the search and you should be able to find something useful.

But if that’s not enough, you can Contact us anytime and one of our staff will get back to you. We aim to answer all requests within 1-business day.


I already have a license how do I activate it?

Thank you for your purchase! If you have a paid license, then head over to Licensing SciChart WPF to learn how to activate and use it.