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3D chart on Android

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3d Surface Chart
I have read the announcement for 3d charts on iOS and Android. That’s exactly me requirement.
Is a release date already planned or is a beta version available?
What are the limitations for a 3d chart on Android (number of points, memory consumption, time to create the view).
We need a 3d surface chart with x=400 points and y= ~1000point (400’000 points).

  • Is this possible?
  • Can this chart be rotated fluid?

2d Chart
I have a requirement for a 2d chart on Android.
The user must be able to move some points in a line chart. Like “design” a set curve.

  • Is this possible?
  • Exist’s some codes samples?

Best regards

no version in use
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Hi there,

Our iOS & Android 3D charts are being developed now. We don’t have a release date yet but we are working as hard as we can to get these completed and published.

Regarding your questions:

Q: What are the limitations for a 3d chart on Android (number of points…)

We haven’t done performance testing yet, however, our 3D Charts for iOS & Android will be using the same cross-platform C++ rendering engine as our WPF 3D Charts so they should be pretty fast. Our 3D Charts for iOS/Android will be hardware accelerated, using Metal (iOS) and OpenGL ES 2.0 / 3.0 for Android.

Performance will vary by device and the OpenGL ES 3.0 devices will perform better than OpenGL ES 2.0, as they simply have more GPU features.

To give you an idea of Performance, our WPF 3D Charts can draw many millions of scatter points in 3D, and 1000 x 1000 surface meshes quite easily. I would expect Android to be slower than WPF (Windows) as the devices are not as powerful as desktop PCs, but still pretty fast.

Q: Can this chart be rotated fluid?

It’s our intention to add Orbit / Rotate operations out of the box, as in our WPF 3D Charts. Have a look at the link here which shows our WPF 3D Chart rotating.

enter image description here

Q: 2D Charts The user must be able to move some points in a line chart. Like “design” a set curve.

While we don’t have this exact feature out of the box, we have a powerful ChartModifier API which allows you to create custom interactions with the chart.

See this FAQ here about Drawing Lines on Chart by User Interaction which uses the Android ChartModifier API. Is this similar to your requirement?

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your fast answers.
I will wait for the release with interest.

Best regards

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