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Hi, I’ve trying to run the charts in emulator and it works fine with recyclerview ,but when i try to render chart in a fragment it doesn’t shows.The same fragment render charts in device and issue with emulator.I’m using geny motion. Thanks in Advance

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Hi Vinu,

Well if it’s an emulator thing, then I’m afraid there is nothing we can do in this case. Have you tried to run some other application (e.g. our application with examples on emulator)? Also have you tried to use default emulator which is shipped with Android Studio? Do you see the same problem there?

Best regards,

  • Vinu Gilbert
    Hi Yura, I’ve tried running the example application provided by scichart in emulator and it works fine.Every chart is clearly shown there .I’m wondering if i’m doing anything wrong while rendering the chart in the fragment
  • Yura Khariton
    It’s hard to say. To say for sure I would need to run and debug your application on my PC. Do you see any errors in logcat when running your app on emulator? Maybe you can reproduce this issue in some small project and attach it here or upload it somewhere (e.g. Dropbox/Github etc), so I can debug it on my PC?
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