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Good day!

We would like to inquire if there have been updates with project “Spaceship” – cross platform chart initiative (

We are currently interested in accessing the scichart’s libraries though Web platforms.

We have just started studying the sample code in git (
Though the last updates were 2 years ago.

Hoping for your response.

Best regards,

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Why hello there đŸ™‚

I almost forgot about the codename project Space-Ship. What a cool name!

The answer is, some of this stuff is trade secret and some is in the public domain already. What is in the public domain so far.

As of today, January 2019

  1. SciChart WPF is the market leading High Performance WPF Chart control, supporting 2D+3D charts
  2. SciChart iOS/Android v2 are the fastest high performance iOS Chart & Android Chart controls supporting 2D Charts only
  3. SciChart supports Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, and can be used in Xamarin.Forms (ios/android only no UWP)

Planned for the very near future: March 2019

We have announced that we are developing 3D Charts for iOS/Android late last year.

SciChart iOS v3 will support Metal, 2D & 3D Charts, OSX
Coming Soon to SciChart Q3/Q4 2018

This work is in progress now, and looking pretty good. We have a lot of our 3D charts ported over to ios, android using a common, shared C++ rendering engine (shared with WPF). Our charts will support OpenGLES 2,3 on Android and Metal as well as OpenGLES on iOS. SciChart iOS 2D is also receiv

We have postponed Mac OSX charts for now but intend to pick it up as soon as ios/android 3d is ready. Mac will be 95% shared code with iOS (only the mouse events need to be changed from touch, and some UIKit small things like labels).

Planned for later in 2019

You mentioned web charts. In the past we have said to people that we are not going to develop web charts. The reason is we don’t have an edge over existing chart components. However, with the advent of WebAssembly it is now possible to draw high performance graphics in the browser.

We don’t have anything to show just yet, but we have started prototyping work to get our charting engine into web assembly. Once we have some results, we will share them.

Regarding NativeScript and ReactNative

We are not actively developing wrappers for ReactNative and NativeScript at this time, as they are out of our skill remit, however, we have customers report success using SciChart iOS/Android in ReactNative and one or two in NativeScript. Unfortunately we don’t have wrappers to share but we have heard it is possible.

I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, let me know.

Best regards,

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Thanks Andrew, you’ve answered my questions well. We are now exploring both WebAssembly and ReactNative.

Best regards,

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